On your honour

Its new year again and the old lists are out with who has been greedy enough to beg borrow or steal an Honour.  Sure enough there are really deserving unsung heroes who don’t really get any mention in the press.  They deserve to be promoted to the public to demonstrate the way we ALL should be conducting our lives.

These good people strive to make whatever they do happen.  They expect nothing but give all; to benefit mankind.  They help the deprived they raise money for the disabled they do anything they can to benefit others, not themselves.

So why is it that I get the hump when I see businessmen get Knighted ( M&S rose as an example) He’s paid loads a money to put M&S on the right path so why does he get a Knighthood?   Someone somewhere is an M&S shopper in the Government.

Why is it that spin makers get honoured for tainting a scientist who had the good of the nation in their mind when they were MURDERED BY AGENTS unknown to most but know to a select few.  No one belives the garbage put out by the spin makers. Joe Public is a lot brighter than the Government think – As we all witness when a General Election comes around.

I always thought that an Honour was a reward was for long service for your Country not when you’re young and being paid millions for doing a show business job.  If you keep your nose clean and the Public like you and your devoted efforts to a service to the country or community get you an Honour then YIPPEE!!.  OTHERWISE stuff it!!

Stop giving worthless honours (they are now devalued more than ever) to every Tom Dick and Harry.  People now place less value on them so either put it right or stop them all together.